About Us


United Way of Eddy County's work is focused on improving lives and strengthening communities.  While United Way continues its historic role as a fundraiser and investor in effective human service programs, we know we must also do more.

United Way recognized that there are underlying community challenges that cannot be solved by dollars alone, so we are focusing efforts in several key areas to make an even greater impact.  In addition to the tremendous contributions our funded programs make, we must place even more emphasis on being a year-round, positive force in South Eddy County.  United Way is doing more than just raising and investing dollars, we are also working collaboratively with a whole range of community partners to achieve lasting results.

United Way's work is guided by an all volunteer Board of Directors that operates independently from any other governing body.  After thorough review and analysis by the volunteers, polices are established and funding decisions are made.  Decisions are based on a variety of factors including where United Way can make the most impact in the community.